Getting your garden spring ready!

As cold weather fast approaches, we are busy getting the farm ready to bed down for the winter. We are always looking for ways to provide more forage for our bees, so here are a few ideas to help you get a jump on your spring gardening and to help our pollinators!

1. Leave the leaves

Leaves are great for your soil! Mulch them with your mower and add to garden beds, walkways and your compost.

Leaf litter is also an important resource for pollinators and insects to get through the winter.

2. Lose some lawnhoney bees on sunflower

Consider replacing some of your lawn with fast-growing buckwheat, natives and or wildflowers.

Many wildflower seeds need a cold period so planting them now is a great idea!

rose with honey bees

3. Tarp an area for easy spring planting

Place tarp on a sunny part of your lawn, and in spring you’ll have a nice clear spot that’s ready for planting!

flowers4. Aerate your soil

There are so many rocks and clay here in the Catskills! Add some nutrients, depending on what you’ll grow. Clover is fast and easy and pollinators love it!

On our li’l farm this week it is all about harvesting honey, planting bulbs, and peonies! Hope you are enjoying some time outside, as we are.

We are also thrilled to be participating in some holiday markets, for the first time since quarantine a year and a half ago! The first will be Edible Hudson Valley at City Winery on November 14th. Can’t wait to see you there!

made market flyer

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