Amazing Day in The Hudson Valley

One of my favorite things about life in the Catskills is the the transition from winter to spring, although the current weathers unpredictability is not a good thing, I must admit how great the sun feels today! 

Everything is coming back to life, the bees are buzzing, Amira our namesake (she's a crazy rescue dog from Egypt) is running and prancing about in the woods. I'm going through seeds and getting starts ready for early spring forage! I'm even thinking about those emerging crocuses.

For me spring cleaning is all about being outside, last year's wet cool summer wasn't great for our flowers,vegetables or bees so we are really looking forward to some sun. I love a challenge, and always plan and expect to do so much more than our little family can handle. There is no shortage of projects that need doing, and always many new ideas and challenges to overcome. The long cold winter is quickly forgotten, as we scramble around in anticipation of all things the spring brings in the country. 

Every season we hope to become better beekeepers, gardeners and stewards of the incredible land we call home. Buzz buzz we have some really exciting news, more soon.......

bee well


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