3 simple steps to saving the bees

each year, we hear horrible stories about our beloved pals going extinct.  how can this bee? we see cute little bees everywhere?

or do you?

honeybees have been vanishing from plain site over the past couple of decades.  this is horrible, because we need them to sustain us, and help us grow food and make delicious honey. 

here are three things you can do to help your local honeybees, and ensure they endure. 

  1. plant flowers! if you plant some bee attracting wild flowers and other flowering plants that provide benefits like holy basil you'll create pretty, yummy and clean food for your local bees. 
  2. always go organic! sprays and pesticides are not the original cause of bees extinction but they sure aren't helping. encourage other growers to always opt for organic options by supporting their extra efforts.  more organic crops, more good clean food for bees to eat. 
  3. pass this information on! spread the word about our endangered friends and educate others about the importance of conserving these friendly pollinators. 

not too hard to do.  make a few choices when you plant next year, keep eating the organic good stuff, and keep the information flowing. 

the bees you save could be the ones who make your life extra sweet.  we <3 bees! 

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